Jennifer Dooley Neumaier

Jennifer Dooley Neumaier

Jennifer Dooley Neumaier began her career as a coal analyst for Thompson Financial. Intrigued by the financial markets she joined Bloomberg Financial where she spent almost 20 years serving the investment community. Having spent her career creating new businesses and staffing global sales teams to support them, her interest began to lie in the actual framework required to grown and maintain these businesses. By instituting and replicating hiring and training frameworks across the organization she was able to create consistency in client support while up-leveling skillsets of the teams she spent so much time putting in place.

When offered an opportunity to leverage these frameworks with LinkedIn’s clients, she didn’t bat an eye. Working with its largest clients she was able to consult on how to align company initiatives to bridge the skill gap, hire top talent, and implement measures to continuously engage this talent which optimized retention rates. All of this pointed back to learning, and implementing tools that would allow organizations to create a learning culture to up-level skills and increasing employee engagement. In April of 2017, Jennifer joined the LinkedIn Learning business line to work with its top tier companies consulting on best practice for implementing learning solutions across an enterprise.

Jennifer has always had a penchant for learning. She has received her Professional Pastry and Baking Arts degree from the Institute of Culinary Education. She is currently enrolled at Hofstra University in an American Sign Language certification course and attends The University of Pennsylvania’s CLO Executive Master and Doctoral Program which focuses on executive level education. She also lends her expertise to start up organizations and currently sits on an advisor board for PresentR, a app based communication improvement platform.

When not working on her Doctorate she believes in giving back to the community which served purposeful for her in her childhood. A member of the American Red Cross, she spent 4 months at the 9/11 disaster site providing relief to emergency workers. She also most recently worked with Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, an incredible organization that works to provide shelter and jobs to the chronically homeless community.

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